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One of the key elements of being a 'agent of change' is being informed. There is a lot of information out there that you need to know to participate as best you can. We've tried to consolidate everything for you so its easier to find things.

MGCY contribution to Rio+20 Policy

MGCY Contribution to the Zero Draft
MGCY Text Amendments to Zero Draft - February 2012
Through working with thousands of youth around the world, the MGCY has developed key policy points that we are advocating for in Rio+20. Share these documents and support our policy positions.

MGCY Documents

Capacity Building Materials

Capacity building is an important part of mobilization. We’ve developed a series of materials you can share. The Rio+20ies Participation Guide makes the formal sustainable development processes understandable and provides young people with the tools they need to effectively get involved. Download this guide in a variety of languages, and share it through your networks:

The MGCY is also focused on engaging young people without internet access. We have developed a series of sustainable development and Rio+20 toolkits that can be downloaded and shared in small groups.

Key Sustainable Development Documents

Click here for an overview of what each of these document says.

Important Websites



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