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Get Involved!

The first thing you need to do is join the Major Group for Children and Youth. It's easy. We have two types of membership:

  • Individual membership (below the age of 30 years)
  • Group membership (child or youth led organisations)

To join, you have to register with us by clicking the "be counted" button. You will be asked a few short questions to help us track who we're working with and so that we know how best to support you. By registering, you will automatically be added to our group mailing list, the Youth Space. Here you will receive and can share any information related to youth and sustainable development. We encourage you to share your information!

Once you have joined the Major Group, there are lots of ways to get involved and how you do this is completely up to you. You may want to be an active contributor to policy, help facilitate a working group, inspire youth activism in your local community, or just read about what's been going on.

It's all up to you. Here's an overview of what you can do.

Facilitation team

The Facilitation Team (FT) is the MGCY's decision-making body with the mandate to facilitate children and youth participation and activities within the MGCY and Rio+20 process. Members of the FT are energetic and result oriented people with a common interest in advancing the role of young people, and working with the MGCY.

To join, click here

Working groups

A key component of MGCY work is facilitating youth activism at a local level that can be used to influence decisions at a global level. This is done through Working Groups (WGs), which are different collections of people who work according to their particular interest or skill. There are many areas of interest that young people have, and the WGs are aimed at connecting those people together to help build the youth voice for sustainability.

Depending on your level of enthusiasm and commitment, participating in the working groups could take a little or a lot of time. If you have ideas for other working groups that you would like to see, contact the facilitation team and let us know your ideas.

  • Communications: this team is responsible for keeping youth and children around the world informed about what what's going on. If you have some technical skills, are website savvy or have some good ideas, join here.
  • Children: Interested in helping to mobilise children and let their voices be heard? Join here.
  • Youth Actions: We're trying to increase our representation through mobilising youth, particularly focusing on youth without internet connection. Do you do work with local youth and want to share the Rio+20 message? Join the team here.
  • Capacity Building: To be most effective in the Rio+20 process, we need to build up our skills. Got ideas? Want to be involved? Help us build capacity amongst youth by joining [here].
  • Youth Blast: Are you an organiser? Do you want to help organise the official youth event for Rio+20: Conference of Youth - Youth Blast? Join the team [here].
  • Human Rights: Do you feel human rights are being neglected in the Rio+20 negotiations and need stronger inclusion? Join our Human Rights team [here].

Keep updated

If you don't have the capacity to get actively involved in one of the working groups, don't worry, we've still got a lot of things you can do! You can subscribe to our fortnightly newsletter, join our discussions forums, or walk your way through some capacity building materials. All the information is in these pages, so depending on what you're interested in, see what the working groups have on offer and get involved!

Join the Youth Space, our group mailing list, by clicking here.

Still want more?

Some people think that if you join a youth organisation, the only thing you're focused on is youth. But we disagree. We know there are youth out there who have multiple interests, and we encourage you to get involved with other Major Groups. If you want to know more about the other Major Groups and what they're doing, click on the links below to take you to their official website.

And you still want more?! Well, you better send us your ideas!

We are always looking for new ideas, for new passion, and for people who are keen to get actively involved. Send us your thoughts and let your voice be heard!

You can find out more information through the official Rio+20 website, which you can find here:


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