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art space

Art is a way of saying what it means to be alive.
Richard Powers

Welcome to the art space. Throughout generations, art has been one of the most powerful mediums used to convey ideas, to transform perceptions and to build a vision of our future world. The arts have qualities that make it a dynamic tool for exploring notions of society, the environment and the human engagement with it. They are a mechanism whereby youth can raise their voices, irrespective of culture, social contexts or differing belief systems. Deeply rooted in all lands and across all cultures, the arts provide an excellent platform for engaging in international cultural dialogue, while simultaneously transcending language barriers through visual, vocal and physical expression.

The arts can move, inspire, motivate and change people, and that is what we want the artspace to do.

Are you involved in the arts? Are you using the arts to convey ideas of the world, of our existence in it, or topics related to sustainable development? Share your art with us and help others to be inspired.

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